Jan 042006

Mis la dernière main à mon CV anglais.

Since I got my undergraduate degree (Bsc Computer Science Applied to Management, 1981), I have been working for different companies like banks (Caisse des Dépôts) and insurances (Groupama, Generali). I have managed teams of over 50 people. In the meantime I travelled to most of the countries between Mali and Pakistan, included East Africa, North Africa, Arabia, The Middle-East, Iran and Central Asia. As I was travelling, my interest for people and culture was increasing. I wrote guidebooks (Syria and Jordan edited by Michelin), and articles for magazines. In August 2003, during my holidays, I went to Afghanistan as a volunteer to set up a school library. In 2005 I decided to stop my job to begin a Master in Humanitarian Management, Development and NGO management at Paris University. I started this autumn.
My goal: to work for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) overseas as a coordinator or an administrator next year and to give a different taste and meaning to my life.